Joost Invitations Up For Grabs

We’re fans of Joost, the full-screen, P2P TV service still in beta.

Joost Invitations Up For GrabsYou’ll know from our Joost coverage that we think it’s definitely one to watch and to that end we want to share the love a little.

We’ve got three invitation available to you, our valued readers and we’re only asking for two things in return.

1 – When you’re posting your interest in the comments below, please complete the following – I’d love the Joost Invite, because …

2 – After you’ve been using Joost for two weeks, write a review for us, giving us your impressions of the service and what you think the impact of it will be.

Simple eh?

145 thoughts on “Joost Invitations Up For Grabs”

  1. I’d love the Joost Invite, because I’m an admirer of new innovative technologies, I would like to be one of the early people to try and evaluate Joost.

  2. Hi there,

    I am an oil rig worker off the coast of Indonesia, and usually our tv is crap to say the least, would love to get an invitation to Joost from someone somewhere please, so if anyone can help, please let me know.


  3. I’d love the Joost Invite, because Iam really intrested to see
    how it works.

  4. Hey, if someone could send me a Joost invitation then I would not be so sad anymore. Thanks a bunch in advance.

  5. I’d love a joost invite because I want to see what the hype is all about, I hear about this on the radio and all over different forums. if you need a review, that seems fair since I am asking a favour from you for the invite.

  6. I’d love a joost invite because I think it will be a revolution in the world of internet, and I’m a fan of High-Tech and innovative things!
    Thanks in advance,

  7. I tried to get on board back I January but it all went bad and I lost my application. I think Joost is going to be great as is indeed Skype developed by this brilliant team behind Joost. I could not exist without Skype!

    I am desperate for the Joost Invite.


  8. I am currently writing my thesis on the effect of streaming technology on the democratization of information…and entertainment :) An invite would hugely benefit my research. Your help will not go unnoticed!


  9. hi!! whele i hve a lot of time serching for this faous program called joost, i realy apreciate if you send me an invitation , i cant get one from no one :S i realy realy want in please please …. tnanks!! att. artuo I REALY LOVE TO SEE JOOST pleasee send me the invitation ,

  10. I’d love the Joost Invite, because I think it will rock and it will be bigger than youtube. I want to take part in this…thanks.

  11. I’d love the Joost Invite, because Joost may know. (Dutch saying Joost mag het weten… :). Because the internet is free and so should be the biggest worldwide (wwTV) distribution of programms.

  12. I’d love the Joost Invite, because I’m a nerd and a geek loving this kind of stuff. Honest and true

  13. Hello my name Borat.. I like you peoples!!

    Would I be able to get a joost invitation please?

  14. I asked for a Joost Invitation a week ago but nothing has come. Will we ever be getting one?

  15. I’d love the Joost Invite, simply because I want to try it myself. I’ve read a lot about this new P2P TV technology and… I’ve been searching for weeks for an invitation!! Thanks!

  16. It will be great if you guys send me one Joost Invitation.
    Please send me the invitation to dingari2006(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  17. I would love an invitation to Joost please.I am a techno freak(according to my mates?)and would love to try Joost.I promise to pass on any invites I get and also promise to write a review as soon as I have tried it out.

  18. I’d love the Joost Invite because I want to try this new technology that i have read of. Also, the article review I have read about Joost said that this application is one developed by the same progarmmers that have developed Skype. I would love to get the chance to use a program that has all the proper licenses.

  19. There’s no question that P2P TV is the way of the near future – there’s been a number of products trialling this approach to broadcasting, but it’s still a technology in its infancy. I would very much appreciate your sending me an invitation, both for my personal interest as well as my professional curiosity as a multimedia marketing fanatic. Absolutely guarantee to provide you with as detailed a review as I can muster!
    Thanks in advance.
    On another note – congratulations on an incredibly useful site, which undoubtedly takes considerable resource commitment to maintain. One of the most exciting benefits of web connectivity is unprecedented accessibility to outstanding intellectual shared content such as yours.


  20. I’d love the Joost Invite, because… come on, who wouldn’t like it :)! So pleeeease gimme one of those or ill go craaaaazy!
    Thank you!

  21. I would like a Joost invite because the concept of P2P TV is brilliant and I would like to see it in action and learn more on how it works

  22. i had love joost and i really i wish to have and get ibviation to use bcz i have seen it and it seems so amazing than youtube and all kind of programs that u can watch by them
    so i wish to have this invitation plz and this’s my e mail adress
    and i’ll do my best to make josst more famous than other programs by sending comments and invitations to other friends

  23. I’d love the Joost Invite, because its the next logical step in the development of the home computer and internet.

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