Joost Invite Winners

After the great response to your Joost Invite posting last week, we’re pleased to announce the winners. Sorry we didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, but better late than never, eh?

We’ve noticed that a few people had laid their hands on invites in the intervening period, like Sano.

It was tough to choose between all of the other entries, so we thought it would be best to let geographic distribution be the decider given Joost offers different content in different parts of the world.

Reese in the US is getting because he gave up TV a long time back and it will be interesting to hear his perspective … and he gets bonus points because of the “Ricky Gervais & The Serpent” posting on his blog.

Rogerio in Brazil for his corny joke and gs because it’ll be interesting to have the Taiwanese dimension.

We’re looking forward to their reviews.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and sorry you didn’t get one this time. Stay tuned, and when we get some more, we’ll let you know.

6 thoughts on “Joost Invite Winners”

  1. My dears,
    I AM very ill, and my best moments are now near my Computer and television.
    Whwn I read about JOOST, I simply thought ” Here is the best way to see what I want to see with the best quality.
    By that, I AM sending you this mail to try get an invitation for JOOST.
    Best regards,

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