Phantom Back In News

The company behind the Phantom console is back in the news.

Word of the Phantom games console started way back in February 2004, when the industry couldn’t work out if it was real or an elaborate hoax.

Phantom Console Back In NewsIn May 2004 it was ‘made flesh’ and was shown at E3 and we heard about them gaining $50m credit investment.

It was all quiet for about a year, then there was an interesting twist in the story as it appeared to be re-born as a content console, as the Chinese coalition-backed IDV Global Media On-Demand platform. At that time we were told that it was expected to launch in China early 2006.

Since then, we can’t recall hearing about it, until today, when we hear that the renamed body, Phantom Entertainment, has signed a deal with Ione Technology to manufacture the Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Wireless Laser Mouse under Ione’s brand name throughout Asia and through Ione’s distributors in the US and Europe in return for royalty and design fees.

Greg Koler, President and CEO of Phantom Entertainment, said Ione plan to “begin production and distribution of the Ione wireless lapboard and Ione wireless laser mouse in the third quarter of 2007.”

Where’s the console?
From what we can tell, the Phantom console itself has hit the dirt – it’s not listed under their products on the Web site, but the Phantom Game Service does look like it’s alive.

The fate of Kevin Bachus, founder of Phantom and ex-Microsoft Xbox game console designer, is unknown as he doesn’t appear to be on the list of the companies officers.

The Phantom Lapboard

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  1. PHEIE.ob
    More bad news for Infinium Labs / Phantom Entertainment:
    their stock ticker PHEI.ob has been replaced with PHEIE.ob
    the extra “E” is the scarlet letter for noncompliance, they failed to file their audited financials on time.

    The most common reasons for not filling: disagreements with the auditors over accounting, or not having the funds to pay for their auditors.

    They have up to 3 months to file their financials, or else the company will be de-listed from the exchange.


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