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The Future Of Moore’s Law Questioned

For over forty years Moore’s Law has stood to be correct. It’s now being questioned as to whether it will continue. Named after co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore (pictured), Moore’s Law stated that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. Len Jelinek, director and chief analyst, [...]

Facebook & Intel Say I Love You

Looks like Facebook and Intel are happy to tell everyone that they’re going out together – and Intel will be providing their server processors. Facebook users the world over will be breathing a sign of relief, as frankly it can be a real drag to use it, as it often runs like treacle.

Intel’s 2go PC Takes On Asus Eee And Elonex

The rock-bottom laptop market continues to build.

Intel Atom Processor Announced

After a furiously frenetic flapping of flipcharts, Intel’s PR department have come up with the family name for their new range of processors destined for mobile Internet device (MIDs) and low-cost PCs. First to get the new name will be Intel’s Silverthorne chip, designed for MIDs, and Diamondville, destined for cheapo PCs such as the [...]

Intel Announces Solid State Drives And Green Processors

The Pearly Kings of the processor world shuffle into the flash memory market.

High-k Metal Gates To Give Major Chip Advance

IBM and Intel are announcing the use of new materials in computer chip gates. It may give you enough power to run Vista!

Apple Mac Pro Announced

Steve Jobs completes Apple’s transition to Intel processors, with their latest G5 desktop and hints at Leopard OS.

Seattle Plans Library WiFi Network – Conflict Ahead?

What happens when two bodies are pushing differing Wireless standards in the same area. How do the frequecy conflicts get resolved.

Intel Apple G5 Bootups Fast – UPDATED

Some Mac fans have shot a video of the Intel-based iMac wiping the floor in a boot-up test with an iMac G5. Is it all it appears to be?

Intel Napa: Dual-Core Laptop Chips

New chip will boast twin cores, better performance and longer battery life.