Intel Apple G5 Bootups Fast – UPDATED

As we know, Apple has been claiming that the new Intel-based processor is 2-3 times faster than their current machines, due in no small part to Intel’s Core Duo processor.

An enterprising clan has shot what they claim is a video of a boot-up shootout between an iMac G5 vs an Intel-based version.

Taken at face value, the new machines do look considerably faster, but many are claiming that the video is a fix. Reading the comments, a number of people felt that the slow booting machine was faulty or had been violently shutdown, leading to the machine having to rebuild itself on startup.

One thing is for sure. The Intel-based version boots faster than any Windows machine I’ve seen.

Join the other nearly 50,000 people who’ve watched the film and judge for yourselves …

For all Mac traditionalists, you’ll be pleased to hear that the new machines use the same boot up sound.

Update: The new Intel-based Macs use Intel’s new boot technology – Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI). This has been designed to make machines startup as quickly as possible – a benefit that the Mac is showing, and so too will Windows Vista. Thanks to Seamus for pointing this out.

iMac G5 vs iMac Intel Boot