Archive for March, 2009

Motorola QA4 Evoke Handset Greeted With Shoulder Shrugging

It’s as smooth as sandblasted baby’s bum, but will the spec sheet impress?

Asus Adds CD/DVD Writer to Eee 1004DN Netbook

Netbooks or small laptop conundrum grows as feature creep runs amok.

Skype Announced For iPhone and BlackBerry

VoIP calling coming to the iPhone – but over on Wi-Fi.

Spotify Teams Up With 7digital To Add MP3 Downloads

Hugely popular music streaming site offers MP3 and playlist downloads

Wacom Intuos4 Graphic Pen Tablets

Light touches, rubbers, improved sensitivity and a touch ring make this a saucy pen tablet.

Peek Pronto: Mobile Email Device Gets Updated

Email-only gadget has another stab at success.

Privacy International Calls For Google Street View To Be Closed

Information Commissioner’s Office receives appeal to shut down Google’s Street View service.

Lenovo X1 Touch Dream Handset Fails To Induce Trouser Tremblings

Lenovo’s new slim handset looks meaner than Clint Eastwood with a cob on.

Samsung N110 Netbook Announced And Reviewed

Update to the well-received NC10 adds improved trackpad and a snazzy red go-faster stripe.

Samsung’s NC310 Netbook, Still No Apple Netbook News

If a pinky netbook floats your boat, it’s Samsung ahoy!