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Google’s Gmail Now Freaking Out: Mis-marking Mail As Spam

As soon as Google fixed their misreporting “This Site May Harm Your Computer” search problem, we had reports of another problem with a Google service. This time GMail.

Google Breaks!: “This Site May Harm Your Computer”

Google has was broken in a major way. (UPDATE it’s fixed now, phew) If you search for anything on Google search, the warning message “This Site May Harm Your Computer” appears underneath each of the results. This may be down to every server on the Internet becoming infected – highly unlikely – Or Google and [...]

Blackberry Bold (mini review – 75%)

We take a quick look at the new Blackberry Bold and see how it fares against the Storm and Curve.

Review: Pure Digital Siesta DAB Radio (83%)

Is this the perfect DAB radio for the bedroom?

Spotify Free Music Streaming Desktop App

We feel the love for this amazing free music application.

Leica M8.2 Safari Edition – Yours For $10,000

Beautifully crafted Leica turns us into slavering want-creatures.

eBay To Sell Off Skype? Speculation Grows

Rumours abound that Skype is up for sale with Google a potential purchaser.

BlackBerry Storm Gets Off To A Wobbly Start

Users less than chuffed as Blackberry’s first touchscreen proves buggy.

UK Websites Must Be Saved For History

British Library expresses concern about the here-today, gone-tomorrow nature of the Web.

210 Billion Emails Sent Every Day; 70% Is Spam

New figures reveal massive rise of email, blog and Internet use.