Google’s Gmail Now Freaking Out: Mis-marking Mail As Spam

Google's Gmail Now Freaking Out: Mis-marking Mail As SpamAs soon as Google fixed their misreporting “This Site May Harm Your Computer” search problem, we had reports of another problem with a Google service. This time GMail.

Gmail appears to be putting legitimate emails in the Spam folder and also showing the following warning message above many emails …

Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.

The message has a right red background, so you’re not likely to miss it.

Best check your Gmail spam account for Non-spam mail.

Damage to Google?
There have been a number of comments on the previous story asking if this will damage peoples view of Google.

Given their generally unshakable reliability, it’s hard to imagine that these two incidents won’t have some detrimental effect on people’s confidence in Google.

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5 thoughts on “Google’s Gmail Now Freaking Out: Mis-marking Mail As Spam”

  1. I hope Google loses a lot of money – they should have planned for something like this. For a system that’s used millions of times, probably every second, you’d think they would have suitable tests and contingencies.

  2. I noticed this – it clearly mis-marked an email (with no external links or images) as a phishing email!

  3. On 4.1.09 for some reason I stop receiving Myspace comment and message alert notifications via my gmail account. I have a few gmail accounts and all of them are forwarded to one. My myspace account is with an email that is forwarded. After tweeking with myspace and figuring out it wasnt the problem I checked my spam box, nothing from April was there for myspace. I then logged out and went to my spam box on my other account linked to myspace and woot there they all were [ quite a few!]. I love gmail and am very dependent on my account. This whole ordeal really bothered me, I know it was only 2 days of emails but it messed me up. I went back and did a spam search for “myspace” and found one way back to Feb 26 that had found its way to spam =[.

    I still love gmail!

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