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Samsung Announce M8800 Pixon: “Slimmest 8MP cameraphone” LG disagree

It’s the battle of the ultraslim 8MP cameraphones, with LG claiming a late victory.

Microsoft Updates Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail)

Now renamed Windows Live Hotmail, there’s more storage space and a ‘faster’ service on offer.

YouTube Is “Coolest Online Brand”

Fashionistas squeak with excitement as the ‘cool’ lists are unleashed

Google Maps Adds Live Traffic updates For England

Search giant adds live traffic feature, Wales and Scotland left out in the cold.

Mobile Adult Video Chat Services Soaring

Mobile phones replace dirty macs as video mobile chat services soar.

Mobile Phones: Than Half The World’s Population Are Now Connected

UN technology chief predicts 4 billion mobile phone users by the end of 2008

Diesel xXx Porn Video Event Promo

The clothing company Diesel is building up to 30th birthday. To mark it, they’re hosting parties in 17 cities around the world on the same day. Being switch on media-types, they’ve released a promo video which is more than slightly controversial – obv a great way to get attention. They’ve taken old p0rn video footage [...]

LloydsTSB Mobile Banking Mini Review (80%)

Many financial institutions have long promised the ability to bank via your mobile, well now it’s a reality, at least for LloydsTSB customers (so presumably also for HBOS customers soon following their recent acquisition). The mobile banking app is a Java application that should run on most mobile phone, well ones that support Java. The [...]

Sony VAIO TT 11.1″ Notebook – World’s Lightest Blu-Ray Laptop

It’s not cheap, but Sony’s new high end netbook sure is mighty purdy.

MBW-200: Sony Bluetooth Watches For Women

Sony have introduced Bluetooth watches for women that have control over mobile phones. We all know that lots of women keep their mobile phones in the handbags rather than stuff them in the back pockets like men do and most of them don’t clutch them in their mits a-la Paris Hilton.