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TV Clips: Channel 4 In Brightcove Deal

UK Broadcaster, Channel 4, have announced that they’re starting a “TV Clips” broadband channel which will feature clips from current TV programmes, an archive of the best moments from Channel 4′s 25 years of broadcasting, and a preview of new programming coming to Channel 4.

Is The TV Content Industry Finally Starting To Wake Up?

MTV Networks Chairman and Chief Executive Judy McGrath said of Web distributed content and TV content, at the Reuters Media Summit, “One does not diminish the other by any stretch of the imagination. That is kind of our hat trick.” Wow what a change around that is in the TV world.

Twelve Killer Mobile Applications Part 2

Yesterday we covered the first 7 killer mobile apps. Read on for our final five. 8 Plucker/ Sunrise XP This is a fantastic freeware combo that lets you download websites (or individual pages) from your desktop to your Treo via a hotsync conduit. Web pages are automatically formatted for reading on the Treo, and you [...]

Ofcom: 2 Hour Mobile Number Porting By Sept 2009

Ofcom has been consistently moving to reduce the amount of time that it takes to change mobile numbers from one to another – or port them as it’s know in the telecoms trade. Their latest direction to the industry is that as of 1 September 2009, they’ll need to drop the amount of times to [...]

Twelve Killer Mobile Applications

We cast our eye over the must-have smartphones apps.

Barclays PIN Sentry Disaster

Barclays Bank have cut off some of their business customers from making payments to new suppliers, by forcing them to use PIN Sentry hardware that they don’t yet have. The PIN Sentry is Barclays attempt to stop their customers accounts being hacked and having payment sent to fraudulent accounts. Something that would appear to be [...]

UK iPhone: Detailed Review: Videos, Connectivity & Will We Keep It

This is the concluding section of this comprehensive UK iPhone review. We’ve previously covered the build of the iPhone & its interface; how it is to use it as a phone, texting on it and emailing; Its Web Browser, iPod-ness & Google Maps. Video Firstly You Tube. Well, I was sceptical. I’m not particularly interested [...]

Broadband Soars As Dial Up Dies

Rapid rise of broadband connections spells doom for dial up.

Hollywood Grabs The 3D Barrier

Disney is publicly stating their commitments to the digital 3D format for films – in our eyes, for good reasons – keeping people in the cinema. Reuters has a story with a quote from Chuck Viane, Disney’s president of domestic distribution showing his love for 3D, “We absolutely believe in the whole concept of 3D [...]

Brits Aren’t Feeling The iPhone iLove

Despite the hype, Apple fails to match their US success