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4 Gigapixel Picture: The Devil’s Tower

We’re going to do a series of these great pics.

BBC Vision Goes Multi-Platform. For Real This time?

The BBC is to bolster multi-platform commissioning. “Again?” I hear you cry. Do you remember back as far as 2002 when Ashley Highfield, then Head on New Media at the BBC, was telling everyone who would listen … or write about him … that the BBC wouldn’t commission any new programmes unless they had an [...]

Cloud Unlimited Music Service For iPod Touch Coming

The Cloud, Wi-Fi providers in the UK, are launching a new service for iPod Touch users across the country. Never slow to innovate, The Cloud is offering the service for £3.99 a month from 1 October, with no minimum contract.

SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian Phones

Those who have Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones will be able to buy software, SlingPlayer, to play the video content from their homes to the handsets, wherever they are, from their Sling Boxes. Quick resume on Sling Box: plug one into your TV at home and any programmes that you can watch can be viewed [...]

100 Amiga Games In 10 Minutes!

We indulge in a feast of Commodore computer nostalgia

Vonage Patent Loss Hits Shares Hard

The shares in US VoIP firm Vonage dropped as low as 33.2% down on Tuesday in reaction to yesterday’s patent case order against them. They’re down a further 19.2% 23.1% today, as we write.

We’ve Passed 4,000 Stories!

Hurrah, we’ve passed 4,000 stories on Digital-Lifestyles now. It’s taken us six years to get there, but come on, we did start pretty slowly. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have made Digital-Lifestyles what it is over the years. Starting from its blog roots as a research tool [...]

Samsung Armani Phone Packs Haptic Feedback Interface

High end phone sports a tactile feedback interface. And a garish logo.

Blyk: Free Mobile Calls For Students

Free mobile phones have been spoken about for quite a while now, well now it’s actually launched. Blyk is launching with invites slipped into the Fresher Packs at 30 UK universities. Those who sign up will get 217 free texts and 43 minutes of talk time monthly and in exchange have to receive advertising on [...]

Microsoft Waves Its Weighty Wad At Facebook

Microsoft rumoured to be sniffing about for a 5% stake.