4 Gigapixel Picture: The Devil’s Tower

When we first saw the photographic results of a 4 gigapixel camera a couple of years ago, we nearly exploded.

Some clever clogs in the US had taken an ex-Cold War satellite and started snapping shots with it.

4 Gigapixel Picture: The Devil's Tower

The amazing thing was the resolution – 4,000 pixels per inch. Yes, you read that right. See why we had such a strong reaction, eh?

Not only does he unearth people spying on naked sunbathers, but he take the most stunningly detailed picture you’ll see for a long time.

Having stumbled on our posting again, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you some of the ones that we think are most impressive.

The Devil’s Tower
The first one is America’s first National Monument, the Devil’s Tower by the Belle Fourche River in Wyoming.

Have a look at the detail below that it can pick up – a zoom into 0.05% of the original image.. Stunning.

center>4 Gigapixel Picture: The Devil's Tower


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