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Enfora 802.11 Wi-Fi Sled For Palm Treo 650s Review (75%)

Bolt on Wi-Fi to your Treo 650 smartphone with Enfora’s add-on sled.

Sun To Join Blu-ray Board: IFA News Blip

Let’s hope the BDA have got a table big enough – Sun will be pulling up a chair to take its place on the board of directors.

Logitech Z-10 Interactive 2.0 USB Speaker System Launched

Say goodbye to boring speakers that just sit there and whoop it up with Logitech’s new interactive ones. With lights!

GoGear SA9200: Philips’ Nano Competitor: IFA

Will this be the device to loosen Apple’s control on music players? How many times has that been asked? This beauty _does_ look like stiff competition.

O2 Germany Goes DSL, UK Actively Considering: IFA

O2 Germany announce dates for moving beyond mobile into fixed line, and it looks like O2 UK is planning the same type of move.

Google CEO Joins Apple’s Board Of Directors

Great clouds of dust engulf California as a back-slapping frenzy welcomes Eric Schmidt to Apple’s board.

TV’s Annual Scottish Play: EITF Roundup

Last week, we bought you news from the EIEF and this week, Tim gives us a roundup of the EITF – that’s the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Microsoft Windows Vista Prices Leaked

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, prices for Microsoft’s new OS pop up on the Web and then promptly vanish.

Brando 52 in 1 USB Bluetooth Card Reader

Relive your school disco days with this versatile USB gadget that can read just about everything (except minds).

Spiralfrog Offers Free Universal Music Downloads

Offering Universal’s massive back catalogue, this new free music download service could be the one to shake up the market.