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Poken Review: Nice Legs, Shame About The Face (18%)

The ideas behind Poken are interesting, but does it fulfil?

Police USB Memory Stick Lost

It’s starting to feel like we could almost start a new site _just_ about data loss in the UK. The latest is West Midlands Police who are reported as having lost a 4GB USB memory stick containing unencrypted classified information about suspected terrorists.

Samsung CLP-315K Colour Laser Printer Claims “World’s Smallest” Tag

Korean tech giant wheels out the hotties to show off glamour-free printers.

Brando ‘Button Badge’ USB Pedometer

Control the flab with this small pedometer that hooks up to your PC.

Proporta USB Micro Mobile Device Charger – Review (86%)

Pocket sized mobile USB charger should provide a boost for travelling types.

Proporta Mobile Survival Kit Emergency Charger Review (85%)

We road test this handy charger for multiple devices.

Brando USB Eye Warmer

Keep your eyes as warm as you like with this daft device.

Pinnacle Video Transfer Gives PC-Free Ripping

Pinnacle are launching the Pinnacle Video Transfer analogue to digital video ripper at CES. If you’re fed up with having to switch on your computer to rip a video to play on your digital media player, your life could become a little easier. The pocket-sized device can take any S-Video, Composite video and stereo audio [...]

Santa USB Webcam: Let The Festive Tack Begin!

Yo Ho Ho! Let the Christmas tack begin with this Santa webcam!

Brando Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard

Bonkers flexible keyboard adds a space age sci-fi blue glow.