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Wolfram Alpha – Revolutionary Search Engine Goes Live

Brit-authored ‘computation knowledge engine’ set to rival Google.

Ask Jeeves Returns As Search Engine Battles Against Google

Online character brought back from the dead, supposedly by ‘public demand.’

Yahoo: Top Searches of 2008 Published

Yahoo has published their “Year in Review,” covering search over 2008. They’re keen to point out that it isn’t just what the top 10 searches were, but Top 10s of lots of catagories. Beyond the Top 10s there’s also some analysis of what those things could have meant.

Search Like It’s 2001 On Google

Google has been going ten years this year and to mark the occassion they’ve released a version of their database as of ten years ago. First thing that you’ll notice is that it’s got an old school Google logo – not exactly sure if that’s the accurate one, as drop-shadows might have been beyond them.

Google Bags Three Quarters Of All UK Web Searches

Search engine giant continues to eat up UK market share.

Cuil Search: Battling for Google’s Crown

Get ready …. you’re going to be hearing a lot about a company that most of us have never heard of before.

Google Lords It Over The Mobile Search Sector

New figures show the search engine giant with over three times the market share of second-placed Yahoo.

Google News Now Has Video Embedded

Google extends video playback to Google News. We’ve known for a while that Google Search has been displaying video results with the ability to expand and play within the search results – in fact it was about a year ago.

Google Consolidates Its #1 UK Search Engine Ranking

Like Billy Bunter on pie-eating day, Google continues to grow and grow.

TorrentSpy: $110m Court Fine: MPAA Happy

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has won $110 million damages against TorrentSpy, a site that pointed to where TV programmes and films could be downloaded without them being paid for.