Search Like It’s 2001 On Google

Search Like It's 2001 on GoogleGoogle has been going ten years this year and to mark the occassion they’ve released a version of their database as of ten years ago.

First thing that you’ll notice is that it’s got an old school Google logo – not exactly sure if that’s the accurate one, as drop-shadows might have been beyond them.

It’s quite a hoot having a search around as if it was 2001, with names that are household name now not showing the mearest inkling of existance.

Searching for Google itself is pretty revealing. These days you get 2.8 billion results, back then you’d got 3.7 million, with Netscape being on the front page of results. Netwho?

Searching for iPod bring up “Image Proof of Deposit Document Processing System” and a ittle lower on the page you’ll find the “International Programme of Ocean Drilling.”

Search Like It's 2001 on Google

YouTube was obviously meaningless back then as it brings up a does “not match any documents” result.

Search Like It's 2001 on Google

Searches for blog these days bring a tsamani of 3.4 billion results – back then a mere 76,000.

Even names that at one point in between then and how like SegWay

Search Like It's 2001 on Google

Here’s a selection of others we had ‘fun’ with.

Search Like It's 2001 on Google

Search Like It's 2001 on Google

Try out Google 2001, it’s fun.

2 thoughts on “Search Like It’s 2001 On Google”

  1. Am I the only one confused by the 10 years old / 2001 thing? Why are not searching like it’s 1998? Sorry, I could be being dim – it has been known to happen!

    Also, ’98 seems to have been a good year – I’m sure there are at least 2 other brands celebrating the 10yr mark at the moment – for one, annoyingly I can’t remember the other though..

  2. Hey Helen, you know that struck me too on Friday night as I was explaining it to someone!

    Strange to think that I didn’t notice while writing it. Have I come to trust Google too much now, that I don’t question ‘results’ that they give me? Dangerous position and one I’ll be keeping an eye out for.

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