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OMG. Brit Punters Baffled By Techie Terms

Study finds that Brits are confused when it comes to technology-related terms.

Twice As Many People Access The Mobile Internet In 2009

Fuelled by social networking, mobile Internet sees big rise.

PC Sales Expected To Crash This Year

Drop in PC sales is going to make the dot bomb crash look like a mere blip

Two Thirds Of Mobile Phone Subscriptions In Developing Nations

Over a quarter of Africans have mobiles, but Internet access is still low.

Online Retail UK Sales To Hit £56bn by 2014

Research bods expect online sales to keep on growing.

Microsoft Gain Browser Market Share, Apple Dip

Apple sees market share fall, but iPhone still rules the mobile market.

Text And MMS Messaging Continues To Grow

We’re turning into a nation of rabid keypad bashers with nearly 80bn SMSs sent in 2008.

Smartphone Sales to Soar With ’300 Million Sales By 2013′

Analyst predicts credit crunch defying surge in smartphone sales.

UK Websites Must Be Saved For History

British Library expresses concern about the here-today, gone-tomorrow nature of the Web.

210 Billion Emails Sent Every Day; 70% Is Spam

New figures reveal massive rise of email, blog and Internet use.