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Apple: Mac And iPod Sales Down

Recession takes a bite out of Apple, PCs also wobble.

Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drives Announced

Cooler than a dolphin in shades, Iomega skim out a bevy of lightweight drives.

Asus Seashell Netbook Skimming Into A Store Near You

Super-stylish Seashell netbook serves up a slim slice of sleekness.

Samsung N110 Netbook Announced And Reviewed

Update to the well-received NC10 adds improved trackpad and a snazzy red go-faster stripe.

Samsung’s NC310 Netbook, Still No Apple Netbook News

If a pinky netbook floats your boat, it’s Samsung ahoy!

UMID MBook: Smallest Netbook Yet With 4.8 Inch Screen

Small enough to slither into your shirt pocket, the mbook looks a handy mobile companion.

Dell Latitude XT2 PC Touchscreen Tablet Laptop Announced

It swivels, it flips and comes with an innovative multi-touch responsive screen.

Transcend SSD18M Solid State Drive Looks A Beaut

Solid state memory keeps on getting cheaper, and Transcends looks very tasty.

Acer Serves Up £300 Aspire One 10in Netbook

Super glossy netbook packs 3G and WiMax option.

Smartphone Hits The #1 Best Selling Slot In US

Motorola suffer a double face slap as the RAZR loses its crown and Samsung become the top mobile vendor.