UMID MBook: Smallest Netbook Yet With 4.8 Inch Screen

UMID MBook: Smallest Netbook Yet With 4.8 Inch ScreenWhile netbooks continue to offer bigger screens with a corresponding creep in case size, the UMID’s mbook engages reverse gear and is but a mere slip of a thing with a tiny screen.

Undoubtedly the tiniest netbook yet, the mbook squeezes in the same 1.1GHz Atom Silverthorne Intel CPU seen on regular netbooks, while the touchscreen gets shrunk in the wash down to a mere 4.8-inch number sporting a eyesight challenging 1024 X 600 screen resolution.

With a form factor reminding us of our much loved Toshiba Libretto 50 ultra-mobile laptop from 1997, the mbook manages to offer a more practical device.

Much as we were wowed by the then-astonishingly small Tosh, its battery life struggled to get past the boot-up, whereas UMID claims that their mbook will keep on rocking for up to an impressive 5-6 hours.

The specs of the M1 mbook look pretty good too for such a wee fella, with the micro netbook offering WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and optional 3G, plus a mini USB port, MicroSD slot and 1.3m CMOS webcam.

UMID claim that the mbook is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, and the video confirms that UMID MBook: Smallest Netbook Yet With 4.8 Inch Screen– with a bit of a squeeze – it is indeed possible.

It’s priced at 149 Euros ‘with data subscription plan’ or 350 Euros unsubsidised.

4 thoughts on “UMID MBook: Smallest Netbook Yet With 4.8 Inch Screen”

  1. The UMID Mbook is not 149 euros with subscription plan or 350 without. He was talking about M! by SFR. The Mbook is going to have a base price around $500 USD

  2. Very small keyboard pad ? have the Big keypad ? and
    Price to expensive for the small laptops !

  3. I got mine today, and it’s great. It’s good to be able to run Office 2007, with an outstanding screen. (Which I have to wear glasses to see). Then I can put in in my pocket. So far today I used MSN Messenger, Skype, Word, Excel, Watched half a movie, remotely accessed my desktop via VNC and installed lots of software from my server, and that was just the first day. The only negative thing I can say is the touch screen while it works perfectly makes your arm ache, I plugged in a tiny mouse after about 3/4 of an hour, it’s a lot easier. Also I’m buying a USB to VGA adapter tomorrow. So where there is a big screen I can plug into it. This is the best portable device (Excepting my iPhone 3g, which is in a class of it’s own) that I have owned. I started with a Toshiba Libretto many years ago and moved through other small laptops to the eee PC and the OQO, all had some serious limitations, this just has some minor imperfections.

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