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OpeniBoot: Linux On The iPhone (Video)

Interesting to see that Apple’s iPhone has had its iPhone interface replaced with a version of Linux by a group of determined enthusiastic Linux fans. From the video that we’ve seen (below) – and who knows if it’s for real? – OpeniBoot gives iPhone owners the choice to start the iPhone up in Linux, as [...]

Getting Started With Arduino: Book Review (70%)

If you’re like me, you won’t have heard of Arduino. Outside this sphere of ignorance there’s a whole lot of artists who not only love Arduino, but are passionate about it too. If you’re in the “What the hell is Arduino?”, this book gives you a good guide to what it it and what can [...]

OLPC XO Laptop: European Orders Being Taken

Europeans can now can legitimately order their own One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO Laptop. The XO Laptop has been available for around a year in the US under two schemes – buying one to donate and Give One. Get One, which for double the price of a machine the purchaser would feel good for [...]

Ubuntu 8.10 Release Party With Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth

Last night a party was held at Waxy O’Connors of London’s Leicester Square, celebrating the release of the popular Linux variant, Ubuntu 8.10 aka Intrepid Ibex. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based on the principals of “free” as in beer and speech. It was set-up in Oct 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth so last [...]

Best Free Software Apps: Lifehacker

Our favourite tech tips website announces their software ‘best of breed’ winners.

Hans Reiser, Linux Filing System Creator, Found Guilty Of Murder

ReiserFS creator, Hans Reiser, has been found guilty of killing his wife. ReiserFS is an open source filing system that has been popular with Linux users. Reiser moved to sell his company, Namesys, back at the end of December 2006, when he said that he needed the money to pay his mounting legal costs. It’s [...]

Tesco: Bringing Open Source To The Masses?

Wow, Tesco’s Online are knocking out brand-new computer complete with Linux-loaded on it. Who would have guessed that the company that started their online shop totally reliant on using the Microsoft Web browser to be able to use it would shifting so radically. OK, so the 80Gb eSys ePC is only driven by an Intel [...]

Wiinstrument: Wii Drumming On Mac: Video & Podcast

We’ve all see Wii-motes being used for all sort of strange purposes, well this one is useful. A bunch of students at University of Potsdam, Germany have written a programme that lets you use your Wiimote and nunchuck to trigger sounds, such as drums and cymbals on a Mac. It’s not just drums that can [...]

GPL Legal Action In USA Against Monsoon Multimedia

US company, Monsoon Multimedia is being taken to court for violating the terms of the open source NGU General Public License (GPL) of the BusyBox project. This is the first time this has happened in the US, as previous infringements have been sorted out through correspondence and talking. Having been through this process already and [...]

Eudora ‘Penelope’ Open Source Beta Released

Late last year, Qualcomm finally called time on its commercial email application, Eudora, announcing that it would be releasing it to the open source community. The long serving program dates back to the late 80s when it first surfaced as a freeware program for Macs called UIUCMail.