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EU Cuts Euro Roaming Charges

Phoning home set to become a little less fiscally painful.

Pirate Bay Party Wins Swedish EU Seat and Funding For Germany Wing

Pirate Bays political party get elected to EU in Sweden.

Zattoo Hit By Hollywood Studio Legal Action In Germany

Disappointing to see that two Hollywood studios, Universal and Warner Bros, have taken legal action against Zattoo, a service that streams live TV to computer screens. Zattoo isn’t a fly-by-night operation and has legal agreements with the TV channels that it shows over its service.

Plasma TV Screens Set To Get The Push In Europe

EU wants power-guzzling plasmas to be phased out. Mobile Via Vodafone Deal (video) is expanding their service away from just computers on to mobile phones, with Vodafone. It looks like the relatively recent corporate owners of, CBS, are flexing their biz dev muscles, aiming to gain back some of the considerable investment they made in the music service.

The Rise Of The PVR: Painfully Slow. New Technology Adoption Is Slow

Never be fooled. Things always take a lot longer to change than you think they will – particularly where the mass adoption of a new technology is concerned. The PVR lesson When I started writing about TiVo back in 2001, I saw “PVR’s are a vital piece in the jigsaw.”

100 Mbps Internet Coming To European Cable

Cable subscribers in France, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium are in for a treat. Cable Europe, the self-described body representing leading Cable operators in Europe, have announced that they will be bring 100 Mbps Broadband services to their customers.

Wikitude: Philipp Breuss And The Story Behind The Software

After having seen the highly impressive demonstration of Wikitude, we just had to find out more, so Digital-Lifestyles spoke to Philipp Breuss, who has lead the development of Wikitude. Philipp previously worked for Sony but gave this up to make the development of the Wikitude software which he describes as “the most exciting things that [...]

Blackberry Storm: Vodafone Get Exclusive

Vodafone has announced that the new Blackberry Storm will only be available on their network initially in a number of different countries including the UK and Netherlands.

Gary McKinnon: All Legal Routes Exhausted: Extradition To US Likely

We heard news from Gary McKinnon’s law firm, Kaim Todner, that the European Court of Human Rights (‘ECtHR’) has ruled against their recent application to have Gary’s extradition to the US halted. The temporary prohibition of McKinnon’s extradition, as granted by the ECtHR on 12 August, is now effectively lifted and the authorities of the [...]