Wikitude: Android App With Augmented Reality: Mind Blowing

Wikitude: Android App With Augmented Reality: Mind BlowingSometimes you see an application and you know that you’re seeing the future.

* Also see the interview with Philipp Breuss, the man behind Wikitude.

Wikitude is such a product. It runs on a Google Android, is location-aware and shows you information about the buildings that you point the camera at.

Most impressive of all, it uses Augmented reality, so the Wikipedia-sourced info about the places that you’re looking at is overlayed on the video. It’s wild and you _have_ to watch the video of it.

The last time we saw something this impressive was at IFA two years ago when we were chatting to a young research student who had an application that identified buildings that you pointed the cameraphone at and gave information about them. Pretty wild. Wikitude actually now available.

We’ve been chatting to Mobilizy today, and will pass over more details shortly.


Thanks to Mike to spotting this and getting in touch.

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