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Acer Serves Up £300 Aspire One 10in Netbook

Super glossy netbook packs 3G and WiMax option.

Sony Vaio P Review: Hands On With The Netbook/Lifestyle PC (Part 2/2)

Part one of our Sony Vaio P Review was wowed at shiny colours; initial impressions on opening it and amazing screen resolution. Here’s the concluding section. Keyboard impresses If the display didn’t exactly knock us out, the keyboard was an unexpected treat. Although it’s clearly substantially smaller than a full laptop keyboard (Sony say that [...]

See The Power Behind The Browser (Video)

When you’re sitting at home or at work, tapping away in your Web browser, you hardly ever consider where your request queries are being dealth with. Sure they’re runing on a computer _somewhere_ on the Internet, perhaps in a data centre, but do you really know what goes on behind making that machine run?

Dell Announces Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook

Low price 12″ laptop goes for the Christmas market.

Logitech VX Nano Laptop Mouse Review (81%)

Sleek’n'small 5-button mouse packs tiny USB receiver.

Dell Launches XPS One Desktop In UK

Stylish all-in-one desktop from Dell gets UK release, charity version available.

Intel Atom Processor Announced

After a furiously frenetic flapping of flipcharts, Intel’s PR department have come up with the family name for their new range of processors destined for mobile Internet device (MIDs) and low-cost PCs. First to get the new name will be Intel’s Silverthorne chip, designed for MIDs, and Diamondville, destined for cheapo PCs such as the [...]

One Laptop Per Child Gets US Release

Cheapo laptops to be made available to American consumers.

Babel TV Launches (Podcast)

We toodled along to the launch of Babel TV, a new TV/ PVR/ Internet/ Computing device, earlier this week. Sadly we have to use that long, awkward description because, as yet, no one’s come up with a snappy term to match its wide range of functions.

Sony UX490 (VAIO UX) Micro PC Released

Solid state drive packing ultra mobile PC roams free.