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Amplified 08

I’m on my way to Amplified 08, a new UK event that brings together people who want to actively contribute to the conference/event that they’re going to – Think BarCamp/ unconferenced events. Essential to the event is the lack of hierarchy to the organisation of the event – you don’t have a self-appointed panel of [...]

FOWA 08: Mark Zuckerberg Live

We’re at the Future of Web Applications conference sitting in a presentation by Mark Zuckerberg – CEO Facebook. Refresh your browser to read live updates.

FOWA 08: Suw Charman: Psychology And Addition To Web Sites

We’re at FOWA listening to speakers and popping around chatting to people. Suw stepped in due to a last noshow but presented a fascinating talk. It’s slightly in note form, but the essential are there. Suw looks into how humans (that’s us) become addicted to certain Web sites and services like email. To build proper [...]

FOWA 08: Kevin Rose: The Future of News: Live Coverage

Reporting live from the Future of Web Applications conference being held today and tomorrow at ExCel in London. Refresh your browser to read live updates. Sharing and Discovery [10:23:12] This is from the Digg point of view [10:23:50] Unanswered question – who to create an ‘experience’ you like. [10:24:18] Sometimes news on Digg isn’t of [...]

Digital Design Day Details: 17 September, London

We know that lots of you, dear reader, are into Digital Design. Well, NMK have brought an event to our attention that we think you could well enjoy. Digital Design Day is part of the London Design Festival and will be running the full day of 17th September 2008 at the Southbank Centre in London. [...]

IFA 2008: Continued Evolution

One thing is clear, IFA, _the_ European consumer electronics show, knows how to put on a show and how to entertain. If you’ve been to the show in Berlin that runs between the end of August and that start of September you’ll know what we mean – it’s huge and the companies that exhibit there [...]

Virtual Trainers In A Virtual Mirror: Video

Here’s an interesting video that we grabbed at IFA last year. The concept? Rather than shops needing to have huge stock of every trainer available, all that would be needed is for a stock of virtual trainers. This gives the shops a number of advantages. The shops can be considerably smaller, saving money on expensive [...]

Second iTunes Festival London Announced

Apple are ‘keeping it real’ again this year, with the second iTunes Music Festival. It’s an opportunity to actually see the people who normally just trickle out of your iPod headphones for speakers. This year’s event will be at Koko in Camden (nee the Camden Palace), between 1 – 31 July. It’s all opening with [...]

Louis Savy: Sci-Fi London Film Festival: Audio Interview

The London Sci-Fi film festival is on this weekend and sounds like it’s well worth a visit after we spoke to Louis Savy, the Festival Director, last week. They’re tying up with Archos too to show some of the short films.

“Europe’s thinnest TV” Heading To Comet