FOWA 08: Mark Zuckerberg Live

FOWA: Mark Zuckerberg Live We’re at the Future of Web Applications conference sitting in a presentation by Mark Zuckerberg – CEO Facebook.

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[17:27:42] First time in London for 10 years
[17:28:17] (He’s not looking too relaxed)
[17:28:38] Facebook Connect: what’s so exciting about it?
[17:29:09] Bring what you can do on Facebook, but to the rest of the Web
[17:29:48] What will adoption speed be like?
[17:30:04] 100k apps developed in UK already
[17:30:24] Privacy of data is really important
[17:30:49] Launch in the next few months
[17:31:03] What kind of apps will use Feeds
[17:31:15] We’re betting on Feeds

[17:34:10] Q: is your aim to be your I’d online?
[17:34:27] A big part of your I’d is who your connected to
[17:34:46] It’s about sharing as much info as you want
[17:35:13] FB payment system – nothing to announce yet

[17:35:38] Q: Location – is FB going to move to that?
[17:36:10] The frequency of people sharing info is becoming far more common
[17:36:47] Started to be once a week, then a couple of times a day, now very frequent

[17:37:28] (:he’s referring to Moore’s Law now)
[17:37:58] Is it tied to sharing? It will gain a huge phenomenon
[17:38:45] The trend is that people are removing the privacy and being more public.

[17:39:07] Q: is your profile public?
[17:39:27] It’s as public as it can be

[17:39:44] Q: why not use open standards?
[17:40:03] It’s not conscious to not use them
[17:40:36] We’re moving towards it
[17:41:11] There’s more people building on Facebook than open stacks
[17:41:37] We build products for users
[17:41:56] Even the best open standard start off closed
[17:42:55] FB is more closed than we’d like it to be

[17:43:15] Q: how do you de-stress when running such a big venture?
[17:43:30] I don’t go home that often (laughter)
[17:43:56] Referring to Steve Jobs – you have to love doing it.
[17:44:12] We believe that sharing more will lead to a better world
[17:44:32] That’s why we started it

[17:45:06] Q: If you were starting FB again – much more available. What would you do?
[17:45:24] Start on shared hosting
[17:45:45] Cloud computing is very compelling
[17:46:05] Lots of people at FB just scaling hardware
[17:46:14] Over 10k servers currently
[17:47:06] Looking back 4 years, what’s available has really changed

[17:47:39] Q: have you got tips on growing the co
[17:47:55] We try to make it as small as we poss. Can we define ourselves as tech co
[17:48:31] Making the DNA of the co is technical
[17:49:04] Even people in non tech backgrounds have tech backgrounds

[17:50:03] Q; it would be amazing if FB would offer APIs
[17:50:33] There’s a million things we want to do – APIs is on our list
[17:50:48] It will defo happen, but don’t know when

[17:51:08] Q: what will the product be in 5 years?
[17:51:35] The redesign was to incorporate the growth of more sharing of content
[17:51:50] Last month 1 billion photo last month
[17:51:59] 100m from the UK

[17:52:20] Mobile is going to play a really big part.
[17:52:43] Blackberry app has 2m downloads – built by RIM

[17:54:35] Q: last Q – when did you move from developer to running the co?
[17:54:53] Having really good people around you is important
[17:55:07] I’ll still fix some bugs occasionally
[17:55:23] You abstract yourself over time
[17:55:53] Start with bringing in friends who understand your values

[17:56:29] End

This was typed live on a Blackberry Curve