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Blu-ray Content Market Soars In US And UK

Content Market for Blu-ray almost triples in the US in 2008

XD-E500: Toshiba XDE DVD Niggles At Blu-ray

Toshiba haven’t given up trying to needle Sony and the rest of the Blu-ray companies. Their latest idea is XDE.

Blu-ray Failing To Prove A Hit

Survey finds that most folks are still happy with their trusty old DVD player.

HD-DVD To Exit – Blu-ray Wins

As you no doubt now know and as everyone and their favourite carrot have been predicting, Toshiba has officially dropped out of the Next Gen disc format wars.

Toshiba Set To Dump HD-DVD. Shares Surge

Speculation mounts that Toshiba is to concede defeat to Sony’s rival Blu-Ray format.

Gartner: It’s Almost Over For HD DVD

HD-DVD price cuts unlikely to stop Blu-ray’s market dominance.

Blu Ray DVD Format Rips Up The Japanese Sales Charts. HD DVD Sulks

Sony-supported next generation DVD format crushes rival format.

Paramount Could Also Drop HD-DVD

Is another studio going to fall into the arms of Blu-ray?

Warners Backs Blu-ray, Gives HD DVD The Elbow

Blu Ray format gets a mighty boost as Warners quits HD DVD support.

Michael Bay: Microsoft Wants HD-DVD and Blu-Ray To Fail

Microsoft wants both Next Gen HD DVD formats to fail, is the allegation that looks to be made by Michael Bay, the US film director & producer of many well known films such as Transformers; Armageddon; The Rock; Pearl Harbour and Bad Boys.