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Vplay: VJ on Microsoft Surface: Brilliant (video)

The VPlay really is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by someone who know his stuff.

Asus VW223B: First DisplayLink certified USB monitor

Asus has today released the first-ever DisplayLink certified monitor. The 22-inch monitor, VW223B, uses the DisplayLink DL-160 chipset to connect to computers using USB2.0 and has a native 1680×1050 wide-screen resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

NXP Nexperia PNX5100: HD TV 2 Is Coming: Podcast & Video: IFA

If you thought that HD TV was the best picture you’re ever going to see, think again. The release of 100/120 Hz Full HD TVs gives you a pretty clear idea that the market is moving again. NXP showed us a chip the Nexperia PNX5100 which really ups the game for HD. Lower down you [...]

Digital SwitchOver: The Rubbish Dump Awaits! UK MPs

There’s more cost than just buying the next kit to receive Digital TV when switch over occurs – there’s the impactions of throwing away all of the old kit.

Panasonic Readies Monster 103″ TV Screen

The world’s biggest plasma screen is coming. Watch your wallet flee for its life.

MobiBox MP410 Digital Video Recorder/Player

Get your very own mini-Tony Blair on your desk with this all singing media recorder/player.

LG Aims To Double World’s Top Products by 2010

Korean giant wants to become the King Kong of the electronics world, with big expansion plans.

3D TV Live Demo By Grundig, Eventually: IFA

Who wants 3D TV? EVERYONE of course. Today Grundig took a step further forward with a live demonstration of a 3D camera and monitor. Those watching were impressed.

BBC Offers Dr Who Video On Mobiles

Sci-fi fans set to salivate on the subway with onscreen Daleks thanks to mobile video chips.

vPod: Apple Closer To iPod Video Player?

It’s not a new idea, but speculation is mounting that Apple is set to move into portable video players.