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WorldSIM Targets British Muslims For Low Cost Mobile Calls

WorldSIm are hoping low-cost mobile calls will tempt the British Muslims who are travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

DVD Recorders Drop Below £50

OK, it was to be expected – but so soon? We’re surprised to see a DVD recorder for under £50.

BT Change From Per Second To Per Minute Billing

It’s with no surprise that BT are telling everyone that their new pricing structure will save them money. Sadly most of UK population aren’t on the calling plans to benefit.

Virgin Mobile France Launches

Branson teams up with Carphone Warehouse and rants about “rip-off” mobile services in France.

Orange Get Animalistic

Orange are dumping numbered calling plans in favor of ‘types’ – Dolphins, Canaries, Racoons and Panthers. Mad nonsense or the future?

Orange Announce Daft Animal Pricing Tariffs

The creatives go jungle as Orange dream up an animal-based tariff scheme.

RealMusic Subscription Service Launched By Real

Real rolls out a subscription service offering radio, music videos, ringtones, downloads and user-generated content. Mac users need not yet apply.

Napster Releases Subscription Figures

Legal file swapping network claims 750,000 registered UK members downloading 55 million tunes.

Superfast Broadband Access Via TV Cables

Finnish company promises 100 megabits per second access through TV cables.

AbbiTalk: UK VoIP Operator Claims Challenge To BT

AbbiTalk gives it the big one with their cut-price VoIP services, claiming to be “giving BT a run for its money”.