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Yahoo Takeover News Catchup

The tussle between Yahoo and Microsoft has gone through a couple of extra rounds of late. We thought we’d bring you up to date with the current state of play. Back in Feb Microsoft offered Yahoo $44Bn. Yahoo said no thanks.

Facebook Boosts Music Service; MTV And MySpace Launch TV Show

Oh great. There’s yet another social networking service arriving on an already crowded landscape, and this time it’s Facebook ripping off MySpace by offering their own full-on dedicated music service. The feature set appears to be a note for note copy of the basic MySpace services, so bands or musicians can create their own homepages, [...]

Murdoch Interested In Yahoo?

It’s being reported that there’s ‘secret’ discussion going on between Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Yahoo, apparently in an attempt to find an alternative route to Microsoft buying it.

MySpace Celebrity: More Puerile Rubbish

MySpace is to launch MySpace Celebrity, a ‘channel’ (read Web page) on MySpace that bring to attention MySpace pages of ‘celebrities.’ The illusion they are trying to create is that MySpace users will be able to interact with their favourite stars. The likelihood is that they will in fact be communicating with one of the [...]

MySpace Adopts OpenSocial: Google Happy

Google is to collaborate with MySpace on OpenSocial, an Open Platform for Social Application Development. Consisting of a set of common APIs that can be used for building Web-based social applications. The hope is that they will simplify the process of developing social applications.

Social Networking Sites To Plateau In 2012

Despite the hype and huge growth, investors are still wary of another dot-bomb crash.

MySpace Skype Deal Announced

MySpace is to introduce MySpace IM with Skype, giving their considerable number of users the ability to directly IM with each other, and talk using Skype for zero cost. The integration between MySpace and Skype sounds like it’s been considerable, with MySpace users able to block or grant access to them through settings on their [...]

MySpace Introduces Copyright Protection For Videos

New ‘Take Down Stay Down’ technology aims to keep dodgy content of members’ profiles.

MySpace News Now Live: Very Quiet

Following the anticipation of the Beta launch of MySpace News, we thought we’d pop over and have a look at what the service is like and how well it’s doing. It’s obviously early days, but wow is it quiet over there … you can almost hear the tumble-weed running through it. It may pickup at [...]

MySpace News Take On Google News and Digg

Where did they get that idea from? Will it fly?