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ITV & Friends Reunited: Becoming Friends Disconnected

When ITV announced that they were going to be buying Friends Reunited way back in 2005, we thought it was a terrible idea and went into some detail as to why we thought so … We think that Friends Reunited has done an amazing sales job on ITV. It’s a site that would appear to [...]

A Tough Week For YouTube

YouTube will be hiring more lawyers and policy wonks, we suspect, following a week of complaints and legal challenges to the content that is stored on their servers and show to people around the world. Yesterday the House of Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport Committee published a report (PDF) with included “Risks from the Internet, [...]

O2: 8GB iPhone £100 Price Drop

The price of the UK 8GB iPhone has dropped by £100 to £169. O2 — the network with the exclusive right to sell it in the UK — and Carphone Warehouse, have announced that this will be until 1 June.

Ofcom Proposes Restrictions On Cash Cow Participation TV

There’s no shock that Ofcom have today detailed new Broadcasting Code rules intended to control the once-bonanza income generating TV programmes using Premium Rate Services (PRS) phone lines. The new rules make it clear that both radio and TV programmes cannot, as their primary focus, be encouraging viewers to call in using PRS. The focus [...]

WightCable Get AirSpan WiMax Kit

We wouldn’t normally cover something as apparently dry as this, but personal interest is a factor here. Having space-shifted from London to The Isle of Wight just over three years ago, it’s really pleasing to see that the holder of WiMax license for the Island has applied to locate the WiMax aerial and kit in [...]

BBC TV Now on iTunes: At The Right Price?

A selection of BBC TV programmes are, from today, available to be bought on iTunes. BBC Worldwide, the commercial side of the corporation, has penned the deal, which has been long anticipated. Individual episodes will cost £1.89 with some available as a series bundle, an example being the Catherine Tate Show, selling at £9.99 for [...]

PANIC! Tax Self Assessment Site Unavailable

For those UK tax payers who haven’t filed their Self Assessment tax return before today’s deadline, looks like you’re going to have a pretty stressful day.

Mobile Internet: Ad Revenues And Mobile Web Growth

Revenues set to rise but text still rules the data waves

£27,000 Mobile Phone Bill Shock

A Vodafone customer in Darlington got the shock of his life before new year, when he learned from Vodafone that he’d racked up a huge mobile data bill. A ‘friend’ of his had told him that he could wire his mobile phone to his laptop to use it as modem. After signing up for a [...]

Is The TV Content Industry Finally Starting To Wake Up?

MTV Networks Chairman and Chief Executive Judy McGrath said of Web distributed content and TV content, at the Reuters Media Summit, “One does not diminish the other by any stretch of the imagination. That is kind of our hat trick.” Wow what a change around that is in the TV world.