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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline Adaptor Review

If you’re looking for a way to get Internet around your house using ethernet, this can provide a very workable solution. The Netgear XAVB101 Powerline kit comes with two powerline adapters and two Ethernet cables. The units look a bit like a phone or camera power supply except they have a few flashing lights and [...]

SureFlap Review: The RFID Catflap

SureFlap utilises the RFID in your cats neck as the key to open their cat flap.

Zune HD: Finally Decent Looking But No HD Screen!

Zune HD is finally official, but it isn’t actually capable to showing HD.

Nokia Opens Ovi App Store: Backfires Hideously

New mobile app store battles with gremlins galore as users flock to download programs.

HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Hits The UK

Feature packed smartphone stuffs in the features

Documentally Rocks Much Social Media On Cameron Coverage

Social Media reporting show a much better angle that the National media.

Lenovo Throws Down An Atom-powered C300 All-In-One PC

What do you get when you disembowel a netbook and stuff it into a desktop? The C300 of course!

Palm Pre: More Details Emerge, 02 Bag Handset For UK

Leaked documents keep our salivation levels set to max.

Latest Spam Attack Getting Through

We’re told that spam makes up a huge percentage of emails sent, 94% was the last time estimate and my 30-day old spam folder with 121,625 messages in it professes to this. Living our lives through Google mail as we do, we’ve been existing in a state of near spam-free bliss. Gmail just catches spam [...]

Dl Hulu UK Launch In September?

As has been widely predicted, Hulu, the online TV catchup service that currently only works in the US, could launch in the UK as early as September this year. The broadband delivered services, a joint venture between News International, NBC and Universal, has been highly acclaimed for the quality of the video, much the same [...]