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ABC VoD To REMOVE Fast-Forward!

The Disney-ABC Television Group in the US has released a Video on Demand (VoD) service. Not exactly news for DL is it? We’ve been reporting this type of thing for years. Here’s the news. What ABC have done, in an inexplicable move, is _remove_ functionality that is standard in VoD services normally. They’ve decided to [...]

Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones: Review (40%)

Styled on popstar headphones will these in-ear headphones impress?

Go!Messenger: IM, Video And Chat On PSP

BT and Sony have announced the release of Go!Messenger, software that runs on Sony’s handheld PSP, enabling Video, Voice and Instant Messaging communications.

Ofcom Threaten O2 Over 3G

Mobile operator O2 have attracted the attention of uber-regulator Ofcom, with accusations that O2 haven’t adhered to their 3G rollout obligations. The ruck between the two of them has come to light as part of the 3G licence obligations that the five operators of 3G licences entered into when they won the 150 round auction [...]

Lenovo’s Super Skinny ThinkPad X300 Arrives

It may not have the shiny gloss of the Apple Air, but packs a winning spec list.

VoipFone Offers VoIP on Your BT Phone

Here’s an interesting twist, melding old telecoms with new. Voipfone, UK VoIP providers, have started offering a VoIP service on a ‘normal’ BT landline.

Sungjut TangoX Nano UMPC Packs Built In Skype Phone

Look out Asus this well specified contender wants to grab your low cost UMPC crown.

Business Users Still Packing Multiple Gadgets

Smartphones may be promising convergence, but folks are still stocking up on the gizmos.

Sony W300 Boasts 13.6MP

The megapixel race engages gear again as Sony pump out a 13.6MP compact

Google Is Britain’s Top Business Brand

Internet search giant rocks the best brand reputation in Britain.