ABC VoD To REMOVE Fast-Forward!

ABC VoD REMOVES Fast-Forward!The Disney-ABC Television Group in the US has released a Video on Demand (VoD) service. Not exactly news for DL is it? We’ve been reporting this type of thing for years.

Here’s the news. What ABC have done, in an inexplicable move, is _remove_ functionality that is standard in VoD services normally. They’ve decided to take away the ability to Fast-Forward.

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Ofcom Threaten O2 Over 3G

Ofcom Threaten O2 Over 3GMobile operator O2 have attracted the attention of uber-regulator Ofcom, with accusations that O2 haven’t adhered to their 3G rollout obligations.

The ruck between the two of them has come to light as part of the 3G licence obligations that the five operators of 3G licences entered into when they won the 150 round auction back in 2000.

Under those terms, the licence operators committed to providing 3G coverage for at least 80% of the UK population by the end of 2007. Ofcom say that O2 has only achieved 75.69 percent, equating to them missing 2.5 million people. The other four 3G holders have hit the requirement.
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