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Merry xmas … and see you soon.

I do hope you don’t mind, but we’re taking off for xmas and a bit more …

SCH-V960: Samsung ‘Optical Joystick’ Phone Launched

Pushing buttons is so, like, yesterday, as Samsung show off their new optical interface for controlling mobiles.

Who Will Win The Camcorder Format War?

The forthcoming battle over standards of camcorders could prove troublesome, Andy Watson outlines the contenders.

Festive Scams To Look Out For: Amazon

‘Tis the season to be phishing, as our inboxes fill with decidedly unfestive scams from downtown Lagos.

Sidekick 3: UK T-Mobile Launch

Spinning top, fashion phone for compulsive IM chatterers and endless emailers hits the UK.

dSLR Buyer Guide For Christmas

We offer our choice for the best rock bottom, budget and enthusiast dSLR (digital SLR) bargains on the market today.

Brando Sony Ericsson/Nokia Phone Telescope

Gaze at far-distant objects via your mobile, courtesy of Brando’s latest bonkers gadget.

The Venice Project: Overview

It looks like The Venice Project is ready to start showing its goods, as they dangle an interview in front of the Financial Times.

Google Zeitgeist 2006 – Social Software Rules

Social software is getting fixed in to the public consciousness, as displayed by google top searches for 2006.

MySpace Mobile Announced For Cingular

US subscribers to gain access to MySpace photos, blogs and messages via their phones.