Merry xmas … and see you soon.

I do hope you don’t mind, but we’re taking off for xmas and a bit more.

It’s been a hell of a year, and we need a pause. I suspect that you know that, news can be tiring. It’s incessant.

While we’re away, we pray to the mighty Google that our page rank doesn’t drop below our much-prized 7 (amen) and that the Google News bot doesn’t drop the frequency of its visits to our site.

I wanted to put out a special thank you to the fellow writers on Digital-Lifestyles, with the big-up to Mike, he’s got a great style – and never lacks a comment on his much loved Treo.

Many thanks also to the other contributers, and the same with gold knobs on to Tim Bourne, Mark Harris, Steve Kennedy and Scott Russell – your respective expertise’s are appreciated. Finally a big recent welcome to our current youngest writer, Huw Leslie.

Last and first (but no means least, surely?), thanks to Sal for her committed support.

If we feel inspired, there _may_ be the odd piece popping up every now and again over the time, so if you haven’t already, try subscribing to our RSS feed. You’ll see them when they pop up.

Please join us on 3.Jan.07 when normal service will resume, and, after the novelty of 07 starting dies down a little, await the changes.

I hope you’re own break is everything you plan it to be.

Now … time for sleep ….