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TiVo Announces Advertising Search For Television

TiVo are planning a service to target TV adverts at the viewer. Sofa-dwelling viewers will be able to seek out product information on their TV.

Legal Digital Music Downloaders Not Kids Shocker!

Research reveals that 25-44 yr olds are the dominant downloaders reports JupiterResearch.

SPH-V6800 Wi-Fi Multimedia Handset Announced By Samsung

Like technological rabbits, Samsung’s offspring keep on appearing. The latest is a WiFi do it all.

Free Phone-Back Services Tested By Google

New Google service will let customers yack to advertisers for nowt, all through a click.

3 Italia Buys TV Broadcaster: Now First Euro Hybrid Mobile TV Co

Looks like things are heating up in TV/mobile convergence. 3G operator, 3 Italia, are buying a national TV broadcaster.

NBC Take First Pop At TivoToGo Enhancement

There’s no shock that the US TV networks are compaining about TiVo the customers download shows to portable players. NBC is the first one up.

Teenagers Don’t Like Retro

Lawrence tells us that teenagers don’t like retro and he certainly can’t see the point of a carrying an ’80s Motorola Brick – even if it has been converted to work again.

UK Broadband To Peak At 60% Adoption: Datamonitor

European broadband adoption rapidly reaching saturation point – so say Datamonitor.

IPTV Asia Forum

Key themes at the IPTV Asia Forum 2005 event will include;

Different roll out and launch strategies of Asian IPTV Operators

How Asian IPTV operators can clearly differentiate themselves from other pay TV operators

New partnerships between operator and content provider; what is the role of IPTV within existing digital TV strategies?

New business models emerging around IPTV services; bundling the triple play, what the consumer is prepared to pay for?

MetroNet Bought By PlusNet in £1.7m UK Broadband Deal

We’re current fans of MetroNet – they provide broadband to Digital-Lifestyles HQ. Today, we’ve learnt that they been bought by PlusNet in a £1.7m cash deal.