Archive for July, 2005

Flash 8 Video Set to Take On Microsoft

By incorporating On2′s VP6 video CoDec, Macromedia hope to be poised to take on Microsoft Media player with Flash 8.

MTV Starzine: Driven By User-Generated Content

Music monoliths MTV start up online magazine with user-generated content.

Mobile Firefox; Microsoft Hacking; 2.6bn UK SMSs – News Round-up

A version of Firefox for mobile phones is rumored; Microsoft hit by hackers again, this time it’s their anti-piracy scheme; Texting mad Brits send 2.6Bn SMS’s in June.

FinePix S9000; S5200; E900 – Three 9mpx Cameras From Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s new camera range targets fumbling snappers and serial aperture-tweakers.

CinemaNow Take High Def Content From HDNet

HDNet are to provide High Definition video content to CinemaNow customers. Not only that but they’ll be able to download it and save it. Shock Horror.

T-Mobile Plunders Guerilla Tactics To Promote Phone

Large corporate plays at being ‘edgy’ and ‘street’ with ‘A Party On Wheels’.

Amazon Revenue Rockets, Income Slips

Online tome shifters benefit from international non-book sales. 20-31% growth expected for current quarter.

iBook And Mac Mini Range Beefed Up By Apple

Faster iBooks And Mac Minis are revealed but there’s no sign of the widescreen models yet.

Music File Sharers Spend The Most

Survey finds that illegal music downloaders spend the most on legal files.

Motorola Adds Yahoo! Web Services To Mobiles

Yahoo! to bolt on Yahoo Internet services to their Linux-based mobile devices.