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Toshiba unveils XDR ‘world’s fastest’ memory chip and ‘one-minute charge’ battery

Toshiba go speed crazy with a battery that recharges in just a minute (thank goodness) and a super fast 512Mb XDR chip.

Legend of Mir 3 Gamer Killed After Selling Virtual Sword

We’re fascinated by the machinations of the online gaming world, but disturbed by the latest twist. A Chinese gamer gets stabbed by real sword after stealing a cyber one. Launches For Mobile Devices

Microsoft introduces new online video service for Windows Mobile devices, such as Portable Media Centers, Smartphones and Pocket PCs.

Nuenen: Netherland’s Largest Fiber-to-the-Home Network Opens

Bandwidth? Everyone in the entire village of Nuenen, Netherlands has got 100Mb. Not only that, it’s also using an innovative, customer-owned business model.

Vodafone Access Control: Mobile Porn Block Offered To Dutch

Dutch Vodafone service will allow customers to block adult content on their mobile handsets.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Demo Preloaded On Lexar USB Drives

A new form for video games distribution emerges, USB Drive/Flash memory offers preloaded bonus video game and extras.

Analogue Switch-Off Starts In Wales Today, DTV Starts

One the same day as Digital TV penetration reaches over 60% in the UK, two villages in lovely, lovely Wales say “Da boch chi” (Goodbye) to old analogue TV and “Hylo” to digital-only TV.

E680i, E725: Motorola Previews New Music Phones

After their iFlop at CeBIT , Motorola unveils its all-singing and dancing (and flashing) new music phones at the M3 Summit in Miami.

Infosecurity Europe Report: Identity Theft For The Price Of A Ticket in UK

Londoners willingly hand out their personal details to strangers in the street.

Lampposts To Access Web And Location-Based Services?

British company wants to create smart lampposts offering wi-fi access location based services.