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T-Mobile’s Stupid, Stupid Upgrading Policy (pt. 2)

After filing our complaint a few days, ago, we finally received a response from T- Mobile. Feedback from other readers here and web reports already had our expectations running low, and they did indeed confirm that as loyal customers of 10 years standing, we could expect no discount at all on an upgrade to the [...]

T-Mobile G1 Android Handset Offers Access To 6 million DRM-free songs on Amazon Music

Just ahead of the eagerly anticipated launch of the T-Mobile G1, the first phone running Google’s Android mobile operating system, Amazon has just announced that its MP3 music store will be pre-loaded as an application on the handset.

EU Permits In Flight Annoyance

European Commission gives green light for inflight calls

FaceBook Touches Microsoft For $240 Million

Microsoft have bought a teeny tiny piece of Facebook for $240 million, in return for they get 1.6 per cent of Facebook and the privilege of “expanding their advertising partnership.” At those rates, Facebook is valued at $15 billion, not too shabby for a company founded in 2004, but reflecting their huge growth with around [...]

Mobile J/Speedy: NFC Payments Hits Amsterdam

A select few taking part in a trial in Amsterdam are able to pay for goods using their NFC-equipped mobile phones.

SanDisk Launches V-MATE Video Flash Memory Card Recorder:IFA

Grab video content for your mobile device with this smartypants card reader/recorder.

Brando 52 in 1 USB Bluetooth Card Reader

Relive your school disco days with this versatile USB gadget that can read just about everything (except minds).

Targus 14 in 1 USB Card Reader Review (78%)

It’s not the most interesting thing we’ve ever reviewed, but it’s a good ‘un.

NBC Take First Pop At TivoToGo Enhancement

There’s no shock that the US TV networks are compaining about TiVo the customers download shows to portable players. NBC is the first one up.

TiVo: PSP/ iPod Downloads Planned

TiVo announce plans to transfer recorded TV shows to Sony PSP and video iPods. We imagine they’re waiting for the calls from the TV lawyers.