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Ofcom Announces Premium Rate TV Inquiry

Ofcom have to put some effort into trying to persuade TV viewers that they can trust the medium.

DigiTV: The Progress So Far

Guy Giles gives us an update on how the DigiTV project is coming along. DigiTV assists Local Authorities understand, launch and run citizen-focused services on digital TV and mobile phones.

ZipTV: UK iTV Pioneer Falters

UK Interactive advertising pioneer, ZipTV has hit the buffers, falling into receivership.

AJAX Alert: Opera Browser With AJAX To Sigma CE Chip Range

Queue Web 2.0 excitement as Opera bring AJAX support to CE Chipsets

Doctor Who Interactive TV Christmas Special Planned

Festive feast of red-button interactivity promised for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

3 Italia Buys TV Broadcaster: Now First Euro Hybrid Mobile TV Co

Looks like things are heating up in TV/mobile convergence. 3G operator, 3 Italia, are buying a national TV broadcaster.

Shoreditch Digital Bridge: Linking Residents

The Shoreditch Digital Bridge aims to link all of the residents of this East London area with a split personality and divergent residents.

BBC THREE Trials New Multi-Screen Application

Multiple BBC 3 transmissions offer custom scheduling for Sunday night viewers.

MTV Unveils Interactive TV Portal – CeBIT 05

MTV introduces an interactive TV portal combining satellite and broadband services.

Sky Active re-launches with Significant Upgrade

Sky have re-launched their Active service with a new wizzo video interface rather than the text-driven previous incarnation.