AJAX Alert: Opera Browser With AJAX To Sigma CE Chip Range

AJAX Alert: Opera with AJAX To Sigma CE Chip RangeWeb browser company Opera today announce they’re bring their Web browser with AJAX support to chips for use in Consumer Electronics (CE) applications.

It’s not long back that Opera made the decision to give their Web browser away after a long period of charging for it. A very brave and noble act many though – not a bad way to raise your profile we thought.

AJAX Alert: Opera with AJAX To Sigma CE Chip RangeThey’ve been putting their browsers on different platforms for a while, like the mini-browser for mobile phones they brought out back in August 05.

The reasoning behind the give-away move becomes clearer today as they announce that they’ve been working with US chip company Sigma Designs to bring their browser software to embedded hardware via Sigma’s SMP8630 family of chipsets.

AJAX Alert: Opera with AJAX To Sigma CE Chip RangeClearly looking to tread on Intel’s toes, Sigma say the SMP8630 family of chipsets can be used in digital media adapters, IPTV set-top boxes and networked DVD players that OEM’s may want to build.

To get to use the browser and the oh-so-desirable AJAX, OEM’s will need to get in touch with Opera to license their Software Development Kit (SDK). Once familiar with it they should be able to create some snazzy application.

So what’s so exciting about embedded Web browsing software? Their supports the darling of the hour buzzword – AJAX.

AJAX Alert: Opera with AJAX To Sigma CE Chip RangeWe’re sure you, dear reader, know what AJAX is, but just incase – it stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This translates to being able to use a Web browser more like a computer-based application.

The most notable difference from a ‘normal’ Web app is information and updates can be carried out without needing reload the Web page each time. It’s an intergral part of the Web 2.0 landscape.

AJAX Alert: Opera with AJAX To Sigma CE Chip RangeThe most often cited example is Google’s Gmail.

We at Digital-Lifestyles see the rise of AJAX as the event that broke Microsoft’s domination of computers. So pretty significant really.

Expect this news to generate great excitement in the Blog-world.

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