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Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Research cast doubts on the real popularity of the IM service.

Palm pre Spat With Developers

There’s been a rumblin’ in them-thar’ Palm pre hills. The Palm pre has caused a lot of excitement since it had its first airing at the beginning of the year. Its operating system, WebOS, is the key to the excitement, having been designed from the ground up to live in a connected world. These days, [...]

Vplay: VJ on Microsoft Surface: Brilliant (video)

The VPlay really is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by someone who know his stuff.

Twitter Flitters Soon Become Quitters

Microblogging service finding it hard to retain users.

Microsoft Vine Seeks Cash From Chaos

Emergency-focused Twitter rival goes into beta.

Opera Mini Browser Sees ‘Explosive Growth’

Mobile phone browser enjoys huge rise in popularity

Apple Lists Top 20 Free And Paid iPhone Apps

One billionth download celebrated with top twenty lists.

Google Android Upgrade (1.5) Floated: SDK Released

Google get the world ready for their next release of Android – 1.5.

Firefox v3 becomes Europe’s Number One Browser

Microsoft takes a kick in the goolies as Firefox finally grabs the top spot.

Spotify Teams Up With 7digital To Add MP3 Downloads

Hugely popular music streaming site offers MP3 and playlist downloads