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Pure Digital Tempus-1S Comes With Natural Sounds

Nod off to the sound of little birdies with Pure’s natty new DAB bedside radio

Sky Remote Record Via The Internet

It’s taken a little while to get the, but now you can programme you Sky+ box to record through a Browser.

PURE DMX-25 DAB Micro System With MP3 Playback Launched

PURE’s latest DAB player given a really wide range of ways of playing your audio.

Sharp 911SH Mobile With TV Recording And Playback

Vast oceans of drool swamp our desks as Sharp release a fabulous TV recording phone.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 770TV: Review

Mobile TV — saviour of the TV industry? James Cridland finds it a good phone with great DAB radio reception, just not ready as a TV platform quite yet.

Sky+ Remote Record: Mobile Sky+ Programming

Sky get rather natty by launching two service that let you program you Sky+ PVR using your mobile phone.

Sky Guide To Offer Personalised TV Listings (News release)

The biggest upgrade to Sky’s EPG since 1998 is released today which include personalised choice of 50 channels. Controversially they’re changing the use of the coloured buttons.

Doctor Who Interactive TV Christmas Special Planned

Festive feast of red-button interactivity promised for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Wharfedale DV832B Review: Digital TV Box

Our reviewer says “au revoir” to OnDigital and gets excited by his bargain basement digibox.

John Birt – Current EPGs To Become ‘Antediluvian’

Lord Birt, ex-Director General of the BBC, tells an audience of TV execs at the Edinburgh TV Festival that current EPGs don’t cut the mustard.