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New MacBooks: How Often Is Too Frequent For New Machines?

As sure as night follows day, another Apple MacBook range was launched yesterday. Of course things about it are xTimes faster than the previous models and the clever Apple marketing leads you down the path that you can’t live without it — don’t get us wrong, we’re not immune and are tempted to trade up [...]

Live Coverage: Apple “Let’s Rock” Event: (UPDATE 14)

Mike is at the London end of the Apple announcement today, bashing away LIVE as things happen.

MacBook Air: £250 Discount From PC World

Apple, a company not known for liking discounts to their products, will find that their new uber-slim baby, the MacBook Air is to be offered at a £250 discount in a deal at the UK PC World shortly. Extending their ‘get a laptop for free when you sign up for 3 mobile broadband‘ deal, PC [...]

Wired Follows Oobject On Apple Failures

Wired have a feature about failed Apple products called “Learning From Failure: Apple’s Most Notorious Flops.” They’ve picked eight items Newton, Lisa, etc … including ones we’d never heard of, like The TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Mac). If you’re getting a feeling of deja vu with all of this “Apple make mistakes” idea … you could [...]

MacBook Air IS Quicker Than An iBook G4

The super svelte and lovely MacBook Air that many people have been drooling over … nay, dreaming of, after having seen it just over a week ago at the MacWorld Keynote doesn’t appear to be impressing with it’s sluggish performance. Engadget got hold of one to run some tests on it – Xbench 1.3 to [...]

Apple Macworld Keynote: The Detail Part II

Here’s the wrap up of the announcements from The Steve (by our Steve, funnily enough) at MacWorld, continuing from our previous piece. iPod Touch The iPod Touch gets the same technology as the iPod (i.e. new Google MAPS, Webclips and customer home screens), however it also gets apps from the iPhone such as Mail, Weather [...]

Apple Macworld Keynote: The Detail Part I

Apple once again held a live link-up between the Moscone Center in San Francisco and the BBC in Wood Lane allowing UK and other European media and guests to see Steve Job’s keynote (London guests including Charles Dunstan of Carphone Warehouse, who seems to be building an intimate relationship with Apple).

Apple MacBook Air – A Compromised Beauty

It’s stylish and beautifully designed, but pricey and lacking in the feature department.

Mac Pro Gets 8 Processor Cores

It’s Macworld Expo time again (well next week from Jan 14th through Jan 18th in The Moscone Center, San Fran). Apple tend to use MacExpo for new product announcements with Mr Jobs in his familiar jeans and black turtle neck jumper delighting the Apple fans.

Miglia MiniBank: Storage For Mac Mini

Migila shipping a hard disk system that sits under a Mac Mini.