MacBook Air: £250 Discount From PC World

MacBook AirApple, a company not known for liking discounts to their products, will find that their new uber-slim baby, the MacBook Air is to be offered at a £250 discount in a deal at the UK PC World shortly.

Extending their ‘get a laptop for free when you sign up for 3 mobile broadband‘ deal, PC World have decide to include the Apple MacBook Air in the list of laptops that the £250 spending can be levied against.

In PR and sales terms this is a great move by PC World and could well see them as the preferred location to purchase the Air.

We’ve asked Apple what they think of their latest and slimmest being sold at an effective discount – given their normal dislike of such things – to which we’re awaiting a response. There was none forth coming at the time we went to press with this.

Does USB Fit Into The Air?
We contacted PC World representatives as we were aware that some people found problems inserting USB devices in the svelte MacBook Air.

They have assured us that they had tested the 3 mobile broadband USB modems with the Air and have had found no problems with them whatsoever.