Mobile Broadband Contract Gives Free Laptop

Mobile Broadband Contract Gives Free LaptopWe’re all aware of how many inducements there are around these days to get you to take up broadband, but here’s a new one to us.

Giant UK computer retailer, PC World, is offering a free laptop (or £350 towards one of their approved ten) to anyone who signs up through them for an 18-month 3G data contract with 3.

An example of a free laptop available under the scheme is an Advent 9912 (pictured), a Intel Celeron C530, 1GB RAM, 80GB drive laptop.

With the Mobile Broadband package you’ll get a USB-dongle modem with the ability to download at up to 2.8Mbps (YMMV).

The £35 mobile data service from 3 includes up to 3GB of downloads per month.

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  1. Why does that Windows PC in the picture have Apple’s desktop background image? I admit it’s a nice background.

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