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UK File-Sharer Has To Pay £16,000: Historic Background

An unnamed woman in UK has been ordered to pay £16,000 after having been found guilty of sharing a game, Dream Pinball 3D, on P2P networks. The initial default judgement was made against her was at the London County Court on 27 May. Subsequently the Patents County Court in London handed down damages of £6,086.56 [...]

iPlayer: BBC DOES Want Open Platform: OSC

We met with Mark Taylor, President of the Open Source Consortium (OSC) last night, directly after his meeting with the BBC to discuss opening-up the iPlayer to run on more platforms than just the Microsoft browser. It appears that the meetings were positive and boiled down to two points, the BBC feels they haven’t communicated [...]

Guinness World Records Joost Deal Live

Joost racks up another content deal. This time it’s a record breaker.

Skype Downloaded Over 0.5 Billion Times

Skype has announced that its VoIP software has been downloaded over 500 million times since its inception in August 2003. A pretty staggering number, even when you realise that it includes all of the downloads and possibly all upgrades of the software (* We’re in the process of checking this with Skype HQ). Working out [...]

Joost: The Venice Project Renamed

The next-market-to-disrupt target of the Skype/Kazaa founders – TV – has it’s latest news. The Venice Project’s working name has been changed to Joost, continuing their penchant for picking weird names – always a benefit when you want the domains(!). As to the source/root of the name … ? Well it could be that their [...]

Digital Hollywood Europe:Next Generation P2P: Synopsis: (pt 3/3)

Final instalment of Marty Lafferty’s summary of the Next Gen P2P sessions at Digital Hollywood Europe.

Next Generation P2P: Digital Hollywood Europe: Synopsis (pt 2/3)

Continuation of Marty Lafferty’s summary of the Next Gen P2P sessions at Digital Hollywood Europe.

Synopsis: Next Generation P2P: Digital Hollywood Europe (pt 1/3)

Keep up to speed with the changes in P2P market by reading Marty Lafferty’s detailed account in today’s first instalment.

Kazaa Owners Settle Lawsuits Globally

P2P file-sharing network Kazaa have settled the many different lawsuits against them around the globe. They plan to go legit.

NTL And BitTorrent Announce P2P File-Sharing Trial

Major Brit broadband company announce trials to offer legal BitTorrent downloads.