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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline Adaptor Review

If you’re looking for a way to get Internet around your house using ethernet, this can provide a very workable solution. The Netgear XAVB101 Powerline kit comes with two powerline adapters and two Ethernet cables. The units look a bit like a phone or camera power supply except they have a few flashing lights and [...]

UK Fibre Optic Broadband Network Could Cost £30bn

Super fast optic network will cost Brits a pretty penny or two.

H2O Networks: Fibre Though The Sewer

H2O Networks, of Merseyside UK, have got an interesting idea for providing high speed Internet access to homes and businesses – by running fibre optic cables through the sewer. This apparently initially grubby idea isn’t new – we first wrote about the concept back in December 2001, when a company called CityNet was talking about [...]

UK Rural Broadband Overtakes Urban

It’s been announced that, for the first time, rural broadband installations across the UK have overtaken those in Urban areas, according to Ofcom. The whole of the UK breaks down to 59 per cent of households in rural areas now have broadband compared to 57 per cent of urban areas.

UK Broadband Could Fall Into Internet Slow Lane

Brit broadbanders could be left behind as rival countries deliver faster speeds.

4 Billion Phone Subs Worldwide

The ITU claims there were nearly four billion phone subscribers worldwide by the end of 2006. In their “Trends in Telecomm- unication Reforms” report, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) said this figure was made up of fixed and mobile connections, with the largest growth in mobile.

Solwise HomePlug AV Price Drop & Certification

Solwise are celebrating their recent PlugFest certification by dropping the price of their HomePlug AV.

ChinaCache, Dominant Chinese CDN, Gets $32m Investment

There’s gold in them tha caches, bets Western investment funds, as they invest in a Chinese CDN.

BT Shout “We’re Number One” In Broadband

BT take top dog position in UK Broadband retailing.

Vint Cerf Wants YOU In ICANN

Feel like you want to help ICANN steer part of the path of the Internet? Vint wants to hear from you.