Solwise HomePlug AV Price Drop & Certification

Solwise HomePlug AV Price Drop & CertificationIt’s been a busy time for Solwise of late. Near the start of this week their high-speed HomePlug, the AV 200Mbps / PL-200AV, passed the HomePlug AV certification testing at the recent PlugFest in France, giving them the right to display the “HomePlug AV Certified” logo.

HomePlug enables Ethernet networks to pass their signals around the electrical wiring of a building, simply by plugging it in to a power socket. It’s called Power Line Communication, or PLC.

The AV standard has a headline speed of 200Mbps, proving a capacity sufficient to have up to video content buzzing around the network.

We’ve had them in at the DL offices and were impressed at how simple they were to use. Just plug them in and stick an Ethernet cable in (just don’t do it through a power filter!) – no configuration at all.

Price reduction
By way of a celebration, Solwise has dropped the price of its AV 200Mbps by a tenner to £50.61 including VAT.

Rather that having to run cat5 cabling up and down the stairs in your house, creating havoc to the plaster work, or raising the ire of your partner with cable trailing all over the place, simply buy a couple of Solwise Homeplug units for around £100. Job done.

Solwise pointed out to us that buying two of their units is cheaper than the other PLC offering from Devolo on Amazon UK, by nearly 30 quid.

If you’re in the mood to tidy up your installation, you also might want to consider the ADSL Faceplate Splitter that they’re just dropped in price as well. It removed the need to have external DSL microfilters.

Buy the Solwise HomePlug AV 200Mbps from Amazon UK