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Vplay: VJ on Microsoft Surface: Brilliant (video)

The VPlay really is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by someone who know his stuff.

View DVI Monitors 2Km Away Using Fibre-Extender

If you like using your computer while looking at the screen through a telescope, Gefen has the product for you.

Oregon Scientific Release Thin Projecting Clock And Weather Station

We’ve been using a projection clock for over a year now and find it great to use. Somehow you feel like you’re waking up less if you just have to open your eyes and look up at the time projected onto the ceiling, rather than actually lift your head to look at the clock beside [...]

InFocus X9 Projector Delivers 720p Video On A Budget

With the huge rise in sales of big Plasma/LCD screens, it’s not surprising that projector companies are trying to cut themselves a slice of the consumer action. Last week we attended an open day put on by Epson who were keen to show off their home-targeted range of projectors and now US company InFocus have [...]

Digital Tick TV Scheme “A Mystery”: MPs

With the 2012 date of switch off of UK analogue TV drawing ever closer, British MPs have been hearing about the current levels of adoption of Digital TV. The UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee heard that many TVs that were still being bought, were not Digital ready, with those purchases, totaling millions of pounds, arguably [...]

Asus VW223B: First DisplayLink certified USB monitor

Asus has today released the first-ever DisplayLink certified monitor. The 22-inch monitor, VW223B, uses the DisplayLink DL-160 chipset to connect to computers using USB2.0 and has a native 1680×1050 wide-screen resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

Optoma Pico Projector: Handheld Midget

Projections company Optomo has announced a pocket-sized video projector. A long time back, Texas Instruments, or TI as it’s commonly referred to as, made the decision that they’d be a big player, if not the largest, in the world of video projectors.

Virtual Trainers In A Virtual Mirror: Video

Here’s an interesting video that we grabbed at IFA last year. The concept? Rather than shops needing to have huge stock of every trainer available, all that would be needed is for a stock of virtual trainers. This gives the shops a number of advantages. The shops can be considerably smaller, saving money on expensive [...]

Brake Lights Gain Intelligence

The invention of the brake light on the car was arguably the most important addition to the safety of driving, probably trailed by the availability of ABS. Somehow, perhaps because brake lights are so important, there’s been no significant advance in their development, beyond changing the bulbs to a brighter version.

Oculon’s Hikari Pro920/Pro1440 – World’s Smallest Projectors?

Is that a projector in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?