View DVI Monitors 2Km Away Using Fibre-Extender

View DVI Monitors 2Km Away Using Fibre-ExtenderIf you like using your computer while looking at the screen through a telescope, Gefen has the product for you.

The DVI-2500HD lets you locate your DVI-connected computer screen up to 2km (6600 feet) away.

You’re not going to be limited to just one monitor, oh no. You’ll be able to power dual link DVI resolutions up to 2560×1600 at 60Hz.

You’re going to need to run four fiber optics cables connecting the local and remote ends as the DVI-2500HD converts DVI into light pulses, to chuck down the cables, to turn it back to DVI at the remote end.

All that turning electronic pulses into light and back again will mean that you’ll need two 12v power supplies to get up and running.

More facinating detail on the DVI-2500HG

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  1. Still confused on how this thing works, sorry, I’m not technically-inclined person. I’d better ask my dad about this.

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